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Applied Design Investigations

Geo-Statistical Land Survey

Astypalaia Greece 2011

Mathematical idea: curvature as fragmented flatness has useful applications in geo-statistical analysis and landscape modeling

Master Plan

The geostatistical tiling of the site lends itself to three-dimensional masterplanning.

Implicit Fieldİ 1

London 2006

Mathematical idea: curvature can be decomposed into 'fragmented flatness'. (physical study model).

Industry performance ratios

London 2008

Mathematical idea: plotting a cylinder with 4 points and scaling it helps visualize the interrelated logics of gross floor area, maximum floor-plate depth, facade-to-area ratio, and other performance ratios developers use.

Implicit Fieldİ 2

London 2006-8

Mathematical idea: 'desiging' the geometric discontinuities of an implicit fieldİ produces some flowing interstitial spaces, with a singular mix of clear span and point-support.

Parametric Square Hollow Section (SHS)

London 2006

Mathematical idea: plotting a cylinder with just 4 points produces a box. This box is most useful for sketching high-rises (range of equation = floor sequence).

Unit 6 Soda Studios 268 Kingsland Road London E84BH